It has been a while since I posted a blog and I do apologize about that, things have been really busy lately in the good old personal and professional life I live.

3 months ago I moved down to Atlanta, GA to start on my new professional journey with Coca-Cola and things are progressing really nicely. I work with a very talented and smart group of people who have gone out of their way to make this New Yorkers transition down south a good one. I am getting more and more settled in on a daily basis, and I have gotten to be a part of a lot of cool on going projects.

On the certification front, I have taken and passed 2/4 of the CCNP Data Center exam series. DCUCI and DCUCD have been taken and passed!!! All that is left between me and trying for CCIE glory again is DCUFI and DCUFD, which I am hoping to have done by September.

I just wanted to give this little update and say there are some more technical posts coming in the future with regard to Nexus specific features and some stuff about storage, I figured we can learn storage together!

The Southern Way of Life

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